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Stunt Bike Draw is an exciting online game that combines creativity and skill, challenging players to draw lines for a stunt bike to jump over various obstacles and land safely. The game's premise revolves around the excitement of performing perfect stunts and the satisfaction of mastering its unique drawing mechanics.


The main goal of Stunt Bike Draw game is to pass increasingly difficult levels by drawing the correct path, making sure that the bike avoids cows, successfully performing stunts, and scoring great points. opposite to.

Gameplay Description

In Stunt Bike Draw game you will be in a stadium filled with spectators who will witness your amazing bike navigation stunts. The cows on the field will block your path, you cannot draw over it to get the bike through. You can only take advantage of physics, and draw a path so that your car can jump high from one side of the road to the other over the cows, landing safely.

You may have to redraw multiple times to complete the level. The game has a save mode, Your last jump is marked in white, and previous jumps are in green, customize the path until you complete the level.

Difficulty gradually increases.

Stunt Bike Draw offers players many levels, and the difficulty will gradually increase with each level. In the initial levels, the gap that the bike needs to jump over will be small and you can easily draw to get the bike to jump over the cows and reach the winning finish line. However, in later levels, the distance will become larger and larger, requiring players to plan their drawings carefully.

Visual and Audio Design

Stunt Bike Draw has a vibrant and engaging visual style, with colorful graphics and smooth animations that bring the gameplay to life. The game's environments are highly detailed with each spectator in the stands, providing a visually stimulating context for the action.

The background music is vibrant, full of energy, creating an exciting atmosphere.

how to play Stunt Bike Draw?

Use the left mouse button to click and draw the path

Click the go button in the upper left corner of the screen to let the car run.

Tips for Playing Stunt Bike Draw game

  • Start with simple modes until you master them to take on more difficult challenges
  • Keep in mind the physics of bicycles. Speed, jump angle, and track length all affect how well the bike will perform stunts and land.
  • If you fail a level, note where things went wrong. Adjust your path drawing accordingly.

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