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The game Wordle has become a worldwide phenomenon after its release in 2020. With its simplicity and addictiveness, Wordle has attracted millions of players around the world and become one of the most popular games in the world. The most popular puzzle game today. So what is Wordle? What are the rules of the game? Why does it cause such great attraction? Let's learn about this game through the article below.


Wordle is a puzzle game where the player's goal is to guess the correct word within a certain amount of time. Created by American game designer Josh Wardle, this game has simple yet highly addictive gameplay.


To start playing Wordle, players can play directly on our website or download the application on their mobile phones. The player will then be given a 6-letter secret word and have 6 turns to guess the correct letter in that word. The game ends when the player guesses the correct word or their turn ends.

Trends and popularity of Wordle games

Instead of advertising or marketing campaigns, Wordle has spread primarily through word of mouth and social media. Players participating in the Wordle game will be placed on the leaderboard and can share their results on social networks. This created a very large community of Wordle players and the game spread very quickly.

Wordle not only took the US by storm but also became a global phenomenon. This game has attracted millions of players from all over the world, from developed countries such as the US, UK, and Australia to developing countries such as Vietnam, India, and Brazil. This shows how addictive and popular Wordle is around the world, and the game has the potential to become an even bigger phenomenon in the future.

how to play Wordle?

Simple gameplay

Enter any 6-letter word in the first line then press Enter.

The system will analyze for you whether the words you have entered correctly or not by displaying the corresponding colors:

  • Green means a letter that is correct in this position.
  • Yellow means that a letter in another position in the word is hidden.
  • Gray means a letter with absolutely no words hidden.

You need to rely on the suggestions of previous guesses to find the real hidden keyword to be able to win.

Strategy for playing Wordle

To win in Wordle, players need some strategies and tricks. You should start with vocabulary that you believe is common or words that contain many common vowels such as "a", "e", "i". This helps you understand common letters that may appear in the answer word.

Once you have a few letters that are definitely in that position, try out words with that letter appearing in that exact position. This helps reduce the choices and increases the likelihood of a correct guess.

Using common and highly repetitive words is also an effective strategy in Wordle game. For example, if you guessed an "a" incorrectly the first time, guess again the second time because there's a chance the secret word will have multiple "a's".

Use your imagination to infer possible words based on the letters you already have and the patterns you've seen during play.


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