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Quick Draw game is an extremely interesting game and is loved by many people. With simple and agile gameplay, Quick Draw is not only entertaining but also helps players develop important skills such as concentration, agility and creative thinking. This article will help you better understand this game and the surprising benefits it brings.

Definition of Quick Draw game

Quick Draw is a game that simulates the player's quick and accurate drawing. Players will be given a keyword and must draw quickly so that the other person can guess the word. The time to draw is only about 20 seconds, so it requires players to have concentration and agility skills to complete the job.


Quick Draw game is a place to help players show off their quick and accurate drawing operations. In each round, a consecutive challenge consisting of 6 random painting themes will be given. This game will provide any keyword and ask the player to draw a picture depicting it in a maximum of 20 seconds.

While you are drawing, artificial intelligence will continuously analyze and draw until the AI ​​guesses that what you draw is correct for the given keyword. Google's platform uses an image recognition network. Every time a player draws an image, the AI ​​will receive and learn a series of new characters, helping to improve the ability to guess more accurately in later rounds.

After completing 6 drawings, the player will receive the drawn version and the results of each round to know which pictures you drew correctly or not to gain experience for future challenges. You can also see an AI comparison of your work with other players before quitting or playing again.

Development history

 The game Quick Draw was originally developed by the Google company in 2016 and launched as an "experimental" game on the website Quick, Draw! This game quickly attracted the attention of the community and became increasingly popular.

The benefits of Quick Draw game

Quick Draw is not only an entertaining game but also has many applications and benefits for players.

  • Helps develop concentration skills: With a short time to complete each question, players must concentrate hard to draw quickly and accurately. This helps improve concentration and sustained concentration during daily activities.
  • Develop creative thinking: You will have to think quickly and subtly to draw simple images that the other person can understand. This helps keep the brain active and develop creative thinking ability.
  • Improve communication skills: By having to express your ideas through images, you will have to use your communication skills to express yourself clearly and understandably. This helps you perfect and improve your communication skills in real life.

how to play Quick Draw?

Steps To Play

To play Quick Draw, you need to connect to the internet and visit the website and click the "Let's Draw!" button.

A screen displays keyword letters that describe what you need to draw and the time you need to complete it. Have an idea in your head of how you will draw that keyword, when you are ready click on the "GOT IT" button to go to the drawing screen.

You will be taken to a simple interface with just a canvas and a letter at the top. Then you need to draw an image related to that letter for 20 seconds. The AI ​​will display what it guesses from your picture at the bottom of the screen.

Skills required to play Quick Draw

To become a "master" in the Quick Draw game, you need to have the following skills.

  • Concentration skills: The most important thing to succeed in Quick Draw is the ability to concentrate. With a short time to complete the task, you need to concentrate every second and every minute so as not to miss any details in drawing the image as well as to express your ideas clearly.
  • Drawing skills: It is inevitable that you need to be able to draw to participate in the Quick Draw game. You don't need to be a good artist, but you do need to have basic skills to draw simple features of the subject.
  • Agility skills: The time in Quick Draw is only about 20 seconds, so you need to be agile and flexible in drawing. This requires you to have quick-hand skills and familiarity with using on-screen drawing tools.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I play Quick Draw on my phone?

Yes, you can play Quick Draw on your phone by visiting the website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. How long does it take to draw in Quick Draw?

The time to draw in Quick Draw is only about 20 seconds.

3. Is there any way to improve drawing skills in Quick Draw?

You can improve your drawing skills by practicing daily and learning effective drawing strategies.

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