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Google Solitaire is a fun and challenging card game for both beginners and experienced players with its variety of difficulty and easy levels. If you are a fan of the card game genre, join us in Google Solitaire game now!

The goal in Google Solitaire game

Google Solitaire is a simple but extremely addictive game. Your task is to arrange the cards in descending order and alternate colors red and black. If there are no cards that can be moved, the player can right-click on a card in the left corner of the screen to add a card.

Then you will easily complete the final goal of the game which is to move all the cards into the 4 empty spaces on the right side of the board and arrange them in order from A to K according to the correct color.

Rules you must know

While attempting to move cards from the inventory to the tableau or between tableau piles, a card can be placed on top of another card if it follows descending order and belongs to the opposite color. For example, you can place the Queen of Hearts on the King of Spades.

The face-up card below the face-up card will appear after you successfully move the face-up card.

When you move the cards into the right box, the cards must be of the same suit and in ascending order. So the first card will be an Ace and the last card will be a King of the same suit.

Draw piles or stocks can be used to draw cards if you cannot move without them.

The King is a special card because only the King is allowed to be placed in the empty tableau column.

Tips and strategies to win

To become a good Google Solitaire player, you need to apply some of the following strategies and tips:

Focus on revealing the cards in the middle of the board.

Opening cards in the middle of the board is very important in Google Solitaire. If you can open these spaces early, you will have more options when stacking the cards and moving them to the final position.

Calculate every move in the game

Every move will affect your overall game. When you move quickly, it is easy to make the wrong move for yourself, reducing your winning rate. So when you start the game, try to calculate each step so you don't make mistakes, and calculate the next moves.

No rush

Google Solitaire has no time limit, so there's no need to rush. Focus on calculating and placing the right cards to win.

how to play Google Solitaire?

Play Google Solitaire online on our website.

Choose easy or difficult mode depending on your level and preferences.

Use the mouse to move the cards.

Click UNDO to return to the previous step.

Click NEW if you want to play again. 

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