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Paper IO is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Vitalising and released in 2015. Upon its release, this game received high reviews from the community of online game lovers. Join us to learn and experience interesting things in this game right now.

Dominate the colorful world of Paper IO


When participating in the Paper IO game, you will meet many friends from all over the world, each person will master a different color and so will you. Compete with each other and try to get the highest score and top the rankings.


The main goal of Paper io is to expand your territory as large as possible by moving your character to "draw" new borders.

The player starts with a small area of ​​its own color and expands it by moving beyond this area.

How to navigate

Players control a colored square block, moving by dragging their fingers (on mobile devices) or using arrow keys (on computers).

When moving out of his territory, the player creates a border. To expand the territory, the player needs to go back and connect this border with the current territory.

Attack and Defense

Other players will try to take over your territory by moving over your colored part. If you lose your territory, you will lose points.

If an opponent cuts through your border before you complete the connection, you are eliminated. Similarly, you can eliminate opponents by cutting through their borders when they are trying to expand their territory.

Tips and strategies

  • Start by focusing on capturing small areas and gradually expanding your territory.
  • Try to surround other players' territories to trap them and limit their expansion.
  • Use your acceleration wisely to avoid collisions and catch up with other players.
  • Pay attention to the minimap to predict enemy movements and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Try Paper IO and experience the thrill of competitive multiplayer gaming!

how to play Paper IO?

Visit the Quick Draw website and select the Paper IO game on your browser.

Choose the username you want to use to play.

Choose the symbol you want to use during gameplay. Otherwise, you will be left with the default image.

Choose the game mode you want.

Use the arrow keys or WSAD key to move around the map.

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