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If you are a lover of arcade games and want to challenge yourself with dangerous curves, then Slope Game is definitely a great choice for you. Developed by RobKayS and brought to the online gaming platform in 2014, Slope Game has become one of the most loved games online.

Take part in the light-filled racetrack in Slope Game

Before you start playing, you should know that Slope Game is not available on mobile app stores like App Store or Google Play. However, you can play directly on your mobile or desktop browser.

When you start playing Slope Game, you will be taken onto a racetrack in a space filled with sparkling neon lights. Endless racing tracks and countless dangerous curves and many obstacles will challenge all your skills.

Your task is to control a ball rolling on a track and earn lots of points and diamonds. Prevent the ball from falling off the track and see how far you can go in this super speed game. With simple but challenging gameplay, Slope Game requires players to have quick reflexes, high accuracy, and good control skills to survive the longest in this race.

The Secret to Winning in Slope Game

Observe in advance and predict the path

Always focus on looking at the path ahead and react quickly when moving the ball, when you know what the next stretch of road will be like, you will easily avoid obstacles and not fall off the track.

Test and practice skills

Play many times to get used to how to control the ball and the path in the game. Observe and learn from previous games, set new challenges for yourself to practice your skills and become more proficient in Slope Game.

Find space and take advantage

In Slope Game, the presence of gaps between obstacles is very important. These gaps give you more time to react and move the ball safely.
Always look for and take advantage of these gaps. If you can't avoid an obstacle, try to move enough distance so you can bounce back and continue on your path.


  • The game interface is brilliantly beautiful with a unique graphic style
  • Simple controls, easy to play
  • The difficulty increases gradually with each level
  • Improve reflexes and logical thinking
  • Develop concentration and patience skills
  • Reduce tension and stress

how to play Slope?

Use arrow keys to control, avoid obstacles, and adjust for gravity.
Left-Right Arrow to move.

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