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What is Paint the Flag?

Paint the Flag is a free quiz game developed by MOBSMILE LTD for flag enthusiasts and puzzle lovers!

The game provides the opportunity to explore the world of flags of more than 200 countries, with each puzzle challenging players to recall the image of that country's flag and even learn about it to color the flag. flag correctly.

This is not just about painting; it's about testing your knowledge and memory about different national flags. Can you remember the colors of each flag and reproduce them correctly?

how to play Paint the Flag?


In Paint the Flag game, your character will go to any country on the map, to each country he will encounter a flag that has been drawn but not yet colored. Your task is to help him color the flag of that country most accurately.

Study the flag's design, paying attention to its colors, patterns, and any notable features. Use the colors given below to create a complete flag. If you can't remember what color the flag is, use the hint.


Use the left mouse button or touch directly on the screen to select the colors below.

Select the area you want to fill with the selected color on the flag.

Click on HINT to get help when you get stuck

Expand the coverage of countries that have been colored in your flag on the world map

Reward Points

For each flag you draw correctly in the Paint the Flag game, you will receive 20 coins. Earn points and unlock new flags to draw.

Paint the Flag features

Easy gameplay with just taps to color the flag

Research the history and meaning of each country's flag to gain a deeper understanding of that country's design.

Each flag offers a new opportunity to test your memory and painting skills.

Memorize the geographical locations of countries by observing characters moving to different countries.

This Paint the Flag game is easy to play and suitable for all ages

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