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OvO game overview

OvO is a platformer game developed by Dedra Games, the game is fast-paced where you use precise parkour skills and free run to complete each level.

Parkour your way

OvO game offers players many different levels, each level is a completely new and challenging story. Your task is to help the character perform dangerous and daring obstacle courses

Cross empty boxes, jump high over walls, and run non-stop to rush forward. When you reach the flagpole on the other side of the road, you win that level.

Observing the time in the upper right corner of the screen, you will know how long it takes you to complete that level. Practice more until you can complete a difficult level in the fastest time.

Game mode

OvO game provides players with up to 52 different levels, arranged in order from easy to difficult and divided equally into 9 different game sections:

  • Basics
  • Getting Serious,
  • Higher Order
  • Mechanics
  • OvO Space Program
  • Journey through the Portal
  • Community Levels
  • The Gauntlet
  • Training Level

how to play OvO?

Up arrow: move forward

Down arrow: move backwards

Left arrow: move left

Right arrow: move right

Spacebar: jump


52 challenging levels to beat

Unlockable skins and characters

Swipe in different directions to reach your destination

Play from easy to difficult mode

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