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Draw The Rest: Unleashing Creativity through Puzzles

Draw The Rest is a unique and challenging puzzle game that tests creativity and problem-solving skills.

Style play

Draw The Rest game offers many puzzles corresponding to different levels. Each level presents the player with a partially completed drawing, missing essential elements or details. The goal is to fill these gaps by accurately drawing the missing parts. This may involve perfecting shapes, adding detail, or connecting lines to form a coherent and recognizable image.


Varied Drawings: Draw The Rest game features various drawings, from everyday objects and animals to more abstract shapes and scenes. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and attractive.

User-friendly interface: The game's intuitive interface makes drawing and navigating between levels seamless, ensuring players can focus on solving puzzles without distractions.

Gradual difficulty: As players progress through levels, they encounter increasingly difficult drawings that require more complex solutions.

Awarding Achievements: Completing levels and achieving drawing proficiency will earn players rewards and unlock additional content, providing motivation to explore and conquer new challenges.

how to play Draw The Rest?

Simple mechanism

Players use their fingers (on touch screens) or mouse (on desktops) to draw directly on the screen. Precision and creativity are key as players must match the style and scale of the existing drawing to integrate their additions seamlessly. If you need a hint, tap the lightbulb button to see the solution to the puzzle.

Tips for Success

  • Observe carefully: Take some time to study the existing drawing before starting to draw. Understand context and visualize how your plugins can combine seamlessly.
  • Start with basic shapes: Start by sketching or filling in missing basic shapes. This sets the foundation for more detailed elements later.
  • Use references if necessary: ​​If you are unsure of proportions or details, refer to existing drawings or use actual references to ensure accuracy.
  • Exercise patience: Some levels may require multiple tries or adjustments to get the drawing just right. Don't hesitate to delete and try again until you achieve the desired results.
  • Experiment with Styles: Don't be afraid to add your own artistic touch while staying true to the theme of the drawing. Experimenting with different styles can lead to surprising and satisfying results.

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