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What is Drawing Parking?

Draw Parking is a fun, casual puzzle game that challenges players to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to park in designated spaces. The game requires coordination combines strategy, spatial reasoning, and quick thinking to ensure cars are parked efficiently and safely.

how to play Draw Parking?


In this Draw Parking game, players will see an empty parking lot and a series of cars that need to be parked in specific spots. Each car will have a fixed parking spot based on the same color.

The catch is that the player must draw a path for each car to follow to reach the assigned parking space.

Cars move automatically along the drawn path so players must plan carefully to avoid collisions and successfully park all cars within the given time limit.


Draw Parking game has many different levels ranging from easy to difficult. Players will first enter a level with only one car to draw and a single parking spot. Drawing the car to the correct position is easy.

However, in later levels, the Challenges become increasingly more difficult as more and more cars and obstacles are added to the parking lot.

You will have to draw paths for many cars to run at the same time. Drawing a path for a car so that it doesn't crash into a wall or the cars don't crash into each other in a fixed space will require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to succeed.


Use the left mouse button or touch directly on the screen to draw a path from the car to the parking lot.

After finishing drawing, press START to let the car run.


Before plotting your route, evaluate the entire parking lot layout to anticipate potential obstacles and hazards.

Draw the path carefully to avoid collisions.

Pay attention to the distance of the line from other lines or from walls.

Don't be afraid to try different approaches and adjust your strategy as needed.


Simple and intuitive controls.

The challenge level gradually increases in difficulty.

Colorful graphics and engaging sound effects.

Ability to track your progress and compete with friends for high scores.

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