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Draw Bridges: draw quickly and continuously

In Draw Bridges game, your ball is constantly rolling forward. However, the platforms are not connected, the gaps between the platforms will cause the ball to fall and break.

Your task is to draw lines connecting the two platforms together to help the ball's path be more seamless and guide the ball safely to the finish line and get a high score.

Carefully observe the road ahead from afar, calculate the drawing direction, and draw quickly before the ball rolls.

On the way, the ball will encounter many obstacles such as walls and water bottles. The more obstacles your ball can knock over, the higher your score will be.

how to play Draw Bridges?

Click and hold the left mouse button to draw a bridge from one end to the other


Unlock many levels with increasing difficulty and complexity

Intuitive controls and soothing background music

Suitable for players of all ages.

Challenges quick thinking and drawing skills

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