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What are Color Water Trucks?

Color Water Trucks is a fun puzzle game that combines your ability to recognize colors with logical thinking to complete tasks. With simple graphics, there are only paint containers at the top containing many different types of paint and colorful trucks below. You will have to use the physics skills you have to calculate how to pour the correct water into the required type of truck.


The player's task in the Color Water Trucks game is to study the flow of water, choose to unlock doors to direct paint of that color into the correct truck of the same color (for example, you must pour paint red into the correct red truck)

Be careful in each decision because if you spill the paint or you pour the wrong color of paint, you will lose. Try to unlock levels and solve many difficult puzzles behind.


  • The color of the water and the truck must be the same
  • With black water, you must find a way to remove it

how to play Color Water Trucks?


Color Water Trucks game, the gameplay is extremely easy. You just need to left click or tap on the screen to open and close the doors. Then observe the direction of the water.

Tips for playing Color Water Trucks game

  • Sketch out the path of the paint in your head before you actually make a decision.
  • Pour the easy paint colors first and then the more complex colors later.
  • Use flexible locks to prevent water from going in the wrong direction.

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