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What is Wanted Painter?

Wanted Painter is an action game combined with fun creative art elements. Players will be taken into a 3D playground, where you will control your car to collect sparkling colored points on the field. Create impressive moves to paint your path into amazing art while you always have to avoid the police chase.

Impressive drawing style in Wanted Painter game

In the Wanted Painter game, behind your car is a paintbrush. When you go anywhere on the map, the brush will redraw those paths. Draw your creativity and whatever you like on the ground and leave your own style in each work of art.

Run away from the police

Wanted Painter is not just a regular drawing game but it is also a thrilling chase between you and the police. You draw a path and the police will arrest you.

To avoid being caught and eliminate those annoying police cars, drive your car very fast, making sudden and strong steering turns. This will cause the police cars behind to lose direction and crash into each other.


Every time you eliminate a police car or draw longer, the higher the score you will get.

Use your scores to exchange for different types of brushes and ink colors to help you have a better drawing experience.

how to play Wanted Painter?

Use YOUR MOUSE to move the car and draw.

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