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Challenges in Paper Dash game

In Paper Dash the small cube will constantly move from left to right in a notebook-like environment. It would help if you navigated the moving cube safely through increasingly difficult levels. Each level consists of a grid with various obstacles, including:

  • Spikes: Sharp, one-sided surface that will instantly kill your cube if touched.
  • Platform: Solid surfaces that can be jumped on or stood up to reach higher areas.
  • Hole: Open space into which one can fall, often resulting in immediate death.
  • Black Hole: Each level's goal that you must achieve to progress.


how to play Paper Rush?

Instructions step by step

Observe the level: Take some time to study the level layout, noting the placement of spikes, platforms, and holes.

Identify safe paths: Look for safe paths to the black hole, avoiding areas with spikes or other hazards.

Jumping and maneuvering: Use the cube's jumping ability to move across platforms and gaps. Time your jumps carefully to avoid falling into holes or getting stuck.

Time your jumps carefully: Practice timing your jumps to avoid getting stuck in mid-air or falling into holes.

Try to make great jumps to collect stars, complete the level with a perfect score.

Reach the black hole as soon as possible and open up many game levels and new challenges.


Use left mouse button to jump

Double tap to double jump

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