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Paint every wall in Ninja Painter game

Ninja Painter is a fun and challenging action game in which the player takes on the role of a ninja painter who must move through various levels, painting walls in various colors to complete. mission. The game has colorful graphics, attractive music and more levels with increasing difficulty that will make players unable to stop exploring.


Ninja Painter has three environments to choose from corresponding to three different levels:

  • Village (easy level)
  • Town (medium level)
  • Big City (hard level)

Each environment will contain many small challenging levels from easy to difficult, try to unlock every level, and help your ninja collect the most stars and bonus points.

Main target

Control Ninja to move through different levels in the Ninja Painter game.

Run to collect paint and paint it on the wall locations marked with X.

Once the walls have been colored correctly, the gate will be opened.

Navigate your Ninja into the portal and explore the next environment.

how to play Ninja Painter?

Use your left mouse button and check the direction you want the Ninja to run.


Plan your route

Before you start drawing, take some time to plan your route through the level. Find the most efficient way to reach all the walls that need painting and collect all the stars along the way.

Use your ninja skills

As a ninja, you have special abilities that can help you complete levels faster. Use your speed and agility to quickly move around obstacles and avoid enemies that may try to stop you.

Pay attention to color combinations

Some levels may require mixing colors to create the right shade. Pay attention to color combinations and use them wisely to paint all the walls correctly.

Practice makes perfect

Ninja Painter can be challenging, so don't be discouraged if you have difficulty with certain levels. Practice, learn from your mistakes and continue to hone your skills to become a master ninja painter.

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