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Ludo King is a classic board game that can be played online with friends or random opponents. The game is easy to understand but requires strategic thinking to win. Join us to explore this game now!

Ludo King Basics

Ludo King is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. Th main goal is to move all four of your tokens from start to finish according to the roll of the dice. Until you get all your tokens to the finish line before other opponents and win absolutely.

how to play Ludo King?


Ludo is played on a square board with 4 different colored squares (green, blue, yellow, red).

Each colored box has 4 small boxes to place chess pieces.

In the middle of the board is each player's home area.

The small square around it is each step the token will take.

How to move tokens

Players alternate rolling the dice and moving their tokens clockwise.

To get the token out of the house, you must roll the dice until you get 6 points.

The number of points on the dice will indicate the number of spaces the token is moved.

If you move a token into the box with your opponent's token, your opponent's token will be sent home.

5 tips to remember

1. Summon units carefully

All tokens should be summoned as soon as you get the chance, if you only focus on one or two tokens that are on the table you will have fewer options leading to being destroyed, unable to move ...

2. Don't just move a single token

Move all the troops to different positions so that they are in the most favorable place, so they can destroy the enemy as soon as they come out.

3. Destroy the enemy as soon as possible

For Ludo King, getting all the tokens on the board is important, but destroying the opponent is equally important. If you focus on moving without intending to destroy them, you will most likely be destroyed by the enemy

4. Try to change the throwing time

No one can claim to understand the algorithm of Ludo King game but trying to change the dice throwing time is possible. If you have played 4-5 times quickly then take the time to roll the dice at the next opportunity and vice versa.

5. Decide your playstyle

If there are two options between winning and destroying your opponent, you should decide this before the game starts as to how you want to go about them. If you decide to attack aggressively, you must destroy your opponent. If not, you should play a safe match and think of every way to win.

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