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Introducing Love Tester game

Love Tester, an extremely entertaining game dedicated to couples in love, is now available on our HJK website.

Just enter your name and the name of the person you like or you can also pair with anyone and see how the system analyzes and calculates the match score between the two of you. Are you and the person you like 100% compatible?

how to play Love Tester?

How to play in Love Tester game is extremely simple.

Click the names of the two people on either side of the blank box

Click the button representing the word test below

See the scoring system for two people

Score meaning

0 to 20%

This is an indicator that you two are not compatible. It's best to move on and wait for someone who truly appreciates you.

21% to 40%

Your relationship will encounter many problems, and both of you will feel uncertain.

41% to 60%

Love has come, but the two of you still have many things that are not compatible with each other.

But remember that opposites can attract, and with a little compromise and effort, this relationship can thrive.

61% to 90%

Congratulations! You have found something special. If you two aren't together yet, start now. Cherish your true love and let your partner know how much they mean to you.

91% to 100%

There is no need for challenges when it comes to your love. You both may be thinking about each other. Cherish this perfect love and make sure they know how much they mean to you.

Advice for players

Remember that Love Tester is just an entertaining game application and not an accurate tool to evaluate anyone's love. It was developed solely for the purpose of satisfying curiosity and has no intention of hurting or affecting your feelings or relationships.

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