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What is Elastic Man?

Elastic Man is a 3D face stretching game that showcases the rich possibilities of modern browser technology. The elasticity in Morty's face will surprise you. Even if you stretch any part of his face, it will return to its original position when you stop pulling. This quirky and addictive game will have you bending, stretching, stretching, and fulfilling your wildest elastic fantasies

how to play Elastic Man?

This game does not have any rules or regulations for players, so you can completely relax with it.

Use your left mouse button (for computer) or touch directly on the screen (for phone or iPad) to stretch anywhere on the face.

Experience the fun and humor of seeing a distorted face.

Tips to make Elastic Man funnier

To make Elastic Man funnier and enhance your gameplay experience, here are some tips you might consider implementing or enhancing:

  • Turn up the volume to experience silly lingering sounds as you stretch Elastic Man, increasing the humor in the game.
  • Morty's nose and mouth are very silly. The movements you make in these areas will make you laugh.
  • Morty's eyes always follow your mouse pointer, quickly rotate the mouse pointer on the screen to see something interesting.
  • You can freely play with Morty's face as you like without worrying about it being damaged.

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