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Draw And Save The Car: The ultimate puzzle challenge

Get ready to test your problem-solving skills and creativity in Draw And Save The Car, the newest puzzle game that will challenge you to think creatively. In this unique game, you will be tasked with drawing a path for the car to follow, using your brush to create bridges of different shapes to guide the car to its destination safely.

how to play Draw And Save The Car?


In Draw And Save The Car your car is stuck on high ground and surrounded by many dangerous obstacles. Your goal is to use your drawing skills to create a path for the car to follow, using straight lines, curves and shapes to navigate around obstacles and reach the flag.

The line you will draw to form a bridge is not fixed. It will move if another force acts on it. You can use the road's fixed properties to lock the bridge you just drew and ensure your vehicle can drive stably across this bridge.

The game has up to 200 different levels, increasingly complex levels that challenge your thinking skills in every stroke.


Click and hold the left mouse button to draw

Release your hands and see how the car runs on the picture you just drew.

Challenges in Draw And Save The Car

Drawing is simple but difficult to pull off: Use a single stroke to draw straight lines, curves, circles, and more as long as it can help your car pass safely. As soon as you release your hand, the car will run, so think and make a clear strategy before you draw.

Obstacles: abysses, construction barriers, collisions with other vehicles can put your vehicle in danger.

Graphics and music

Draw And Save The Car features colorful and vibrant graphics that bring the world of puzzle-solving to life.

The fun background music is designed to keep you energized throughout the experience, you will be completely immersed in the game.

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